How much to clear a blocked drain?

How much will it cost to clear a blocked drain? It is the most common question that customers ask our plumbers. Well, clearing a blocked drain is a job of complex nature and costs you anywhere from 100 dollars to several thousand. Depending upon the type of blockage and the damage it has done, the cost of clearing a blocked drain varies from case to case. It can be an easy job that demands clearing the grime from a kitchen sink or a stuck object or may require advanced expertise like drain camera inspection or relining the pipes.

If you are dealing with blocked basin, toilet, shower drains, kitchen sinks, drain grates or sewers, you can rely on the expert plumbers at Mr. Drains. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services and specialize in all types of blocked drains services.

We arrive fully prepared at your house to offer permanent solutions. Our vans are equipped with advanced drain cleaning machines and equipment including high-pressure water cleaners, hydro jets, and more. We also have drain inspection cameras, flexible hoses and pipes, and other equipment that makes our job easier at the client site. We can carry additional supplies should the customer report an additional problem for us.

We are available on all seven days of the week to clean your blocked toilets, showers, kitchen drains, and clogged sewers. We take a comprehensive approach towards unclogging the drains and never leave the customer unsatisfied.

Often property-owners complain of late or no response from the plumbing company. If you have had a bad experience with an insincere plumbing company before, we understand your frustration. The understanding allows us to make up to your expectations and waste no time in reaching you and offering the best and permanent solution. Whatever the time of the day it be, we are here to help you 24/7/365.

Our prices for drain cleaning remain the same irrespective of your location. The only factors that affect the pricing are the services required, the extent of blockage, and the damage sustained by the plumbing system.

While most of the plumbers in the region charge you with an hourly rate, we use a distinctive approach by charging you in 15 minutes increment. We don’t want our clients to pay extra and take all measures to help you save your hard-earned money. You must pay only for the time you engage with us and depending upon the situation of the blocked drain, it can be just 15 minutes or more than an hour.

For homeowners struggling with repeated sewer drain blockages, we offer you long-term solutions by excavating and replacing the drains. However, we keep you informed and allow you to choose the service with an upfront service quote. You remain in control of what happens to your drains and at what costs.

Mr. Drains is dedicated to offering reliable and long-term blocked drains solutions at the most affordable and justified pricing.

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