If you have tree roots in drains, call Mr Drains today! Tree roots in drains don’t come out of nowhere – it always starts with a crack in your pipe. When this pipe is used, tiny amounts of water vapour escape the crack, which attracts nearby tree roots.

Over time, these tree roots will grow towards the nearest source of water they can find – in this case, it’s the water escaping from your pipe. All it takes to get tree roots in your drains is a tiny opening. Once the tree roots begin growing through, this crack in the pipe will get bigger and bigger to accommodate more and more roots. Over the next few months, these roots will continue to expand throughout your pipe. This means they won’t be able to clear your waste and your drainage system will be compromised. At Mr Drains, we’ve seen all kinds of tree roots in drains and successfully restored all of them to working order in thousands of home across Melbourne.

So if you suspect you have tree roots in your drains, give the experts at Mr. Drains a call today on 0437 246 700. to get fast and reliable relief for all your drain blockages!