Covid -19 Infection Control Accreditation

Covid -19 Infection Control Accreditation


Blocked Drains Bayside

Blocked drains? Bayside residents can have their drains unblocked sooner with Mr Drains. Over our more-than-a-decade experience, we’ve unblocked miles and miles of piping, always deploying the cheapest, least expensive option for our customers’ stubbornly blocked drains. Bayside residents should contact us today.

Drain Repairs Bayside

For drain repairs Bayside residents can rest assured will last longer than any others, it must be Mr Drains. We not only look for the affordable, non-invasive way of repairing your drain, it’ll be a long time before you need to call a plumber for your drain repairs. Bayside residents will discover their drains are as new!

Sewer Blockage Bayside

There’s nothing worse than a sewer blockage. Bayside residents can rid the air of that bad odour sooner with Mr Drains. Whatever the material that’s causing sewer blockage, Bayside locals should know we’ve seen it all! We use CCTV to quickly diagnose the problem in your pipe, before unblocking it quickly.

Sewer Pipe Relining Bayside

Has a plumber told you that you’ll need to completely replace your cracked sewer pipe? Ask Mr Drains about a more inexpensive option: sewer pipe relining. Bayside residents will be happy to learn that we can reline your pre-existing pipe, to smooth over cracks. Don’t dig if you don’t have to – with our sewer pipe relining, Bayside homes will have working plumbing sooner.

In addition to Bayside, we also provide services in BentleighMalvern and surrounding suburbs.


If you’re looking for the services of a Blocked Drains and Sewer, CCTV drain camera surveys, Drain patch relining, can call Mr Drains on 0437 24 6700 today!

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