Covid -19 Infection Control Accreditation

Covid -19 Infection Control Accreditation

Mount Martha

Blocked Sewer Mount Martha

Is there anything more horrible than a blocked sewer? Mount Martha locals might say: what other than the expense of a new sewer pipe system? Replacing a pipe is not only costly, it is also disruptive for home or businesses. Yet it’s hard to tolerate that smell that can come from a poorly functioning sewer drains. Mount Martha residents needn’t keep suffering! Mr Drains always looks for the quickest, cheapest option for any blocked sewer. Mount Martha residents can have their piping cleared sooner with Mr Drains. We use CCTV to rapidly diagnose the sewer blockage in Mount Martha’s homes and then as quickly provide a quick, cost-effective option – so you don’t have to fork out a fortune!

Sewer Pipe Relining Mount Martha

One of our more inexpensive options is sewer pipe relining. Mount Martha residents might have been told that the only option is to replace the entire sewer system. But at Mr Drains we say: don’t dig if you don’t have to! By pouring a resin into the pipe that is flexible, but also durable, we can cover over any crack and leaks and level out the flow of the pipe.

With Mr Drains there is always a low-priced option for your problem, such as a sewer pipe relining. Mount Martha residents don’t have to bust the budget!

In addition to Mount Martha, we also provide services in MorningtonFrankston and surrounding suburbs.

If you’re looking for the services of a Blocked Drains and Sewer, CCTV drain camera surveys, Drain patch relining, can call Mr Drains on 0437 24 6700 today!

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