What does it cost to unblock a drain?

Blocked drains are frustrating yet they are one plumbing problem that most of us have to face some time or another. Experienced plumbers are in high demand for offering blocked drains cleaning services on a regular or emergency basis. It is extremely important to attend to a blocked drain on urgency if you want to save yourself from expensive damage and troubles. Whether it is a blocked shower drain or toilet, a clogged kitchen sink, the plumbers are dedicated to offering reliable and long-lasting solutions. But, how much does it cost to clear a blocked drain?

cost to unblock a drain
Unblock a Drain

 Well, a common concern is the finances associated with clogged drain cleaning services. Like all other services, it is important to know the cost of a blocked drain cleaning service before you engage a professional. This blog addresses your concerns and offers you detailed information about clogged drain cleaning services and related costs.

How much does it cost to clean a blocked drain?

The cost to clean a blocked drain varies significantly. There are many factors that influence the cost of clogged drains cleaning including:
All these factors collectively help in determining the actual cost of clearing the blockage. In all conditions, reliable plumbers will charge a fair price for the services.

The ballpark costs for a blocked drain cleaning job is as follows:

What causes blocked drains?

A great way to save money on blocked drain services is to avoid blocked drains at the first point. If you know the common reasons for blocked drains, you will be able to prevent them efficiently. Some of the common reasons for blocked drains includes:
This category includes a wide range of objects including toilet paper, tiny objects like toys, caps, lids, beer cans, socks, silicone tubes, tools, air fresheners, tampons and at times it is even underpants as well.
The most common reason for a blocked kitchen drain is grease or grime. The fats and oils from the food collect in the drain over time and block the pipe completely.
Tree roots are responsible for sewer blockages most of the time. Most of the time, tree roots damage the sewer pipes to seek water supply.
Aged pipes become prone to damage and can block the flow of the sewers or drains.
Engaging a qualified plumber is important to prevent blocked drain problems as incorrect installation of pipes is one of the reasons behind a slow-moving or blocked drain.
Whatever be the reason, if you are facing the problem of a blocked drain, you can connect with the best plumbers in the region. At Mr. Drains, we are dedicated to offering you reliable blocked drains services at an affordable price.