How to get rid of Tree Roots in Drains

When you identify slow draining in your sink or bathroom, it elucidates the intrusion of tree roots into the sewer lines. A small root can invade sewer lines leading to substantial problems. As one of the usual plumbing obstructions, tree root drains start small, but the roots grow large, hindering water flow.

An astonishing connection between your sewer lines and tree roots

New drain pipes are healthy, and they do not allow the tree roots to invade easily. However, the pipes get exposed to several elements, which results in trivial cracks. As the sewer lines with continuous water flow are ideal for tree root drains, the root system extends towards the pipes for more nutrients. Even the root systems of trees away from your sewer pipes can damage them. When the root penetrates the pipe, it starts to grow.

Though it is impossible to check the pipes constantly, you look for signs that intimate the invasion of a root in your sewer lines. Check out the below signs to know the right time to take action for the tree root problems.

How to get rid of Tree Roots in Drains
Tree Root Pipe Drain

Signs of obstruction in Drain Pipes

When you notice a sink or bathtub draining slowly, it explains the tree root drains. However, other elements can also be responsible for a clog. You will notice a terrible odor when there is a severe blockage. Check whether there are any lush green areas near the sewer line as the root system acquires extra strength than other plants.

Eradicate the "ROOT" cause

The tree root drains become a problem as trees crave consistent water flow and nutrients in the sewer pipes. The temptations of tree roots nudge them to extend more, and a small crack or fissure is enough for the root invasion. Roots will penetrate the damaged pipes and continue to grow enormously. 

Though homeowners or plumbing professionals can’t do much to stop the attraction, it is easier to eradicate the issue easily when you fix the problem beforehand. If you take time, the problem increases, and you have to take immediate action without any doubts. Check the warning signs specified above and get rid of the tree roots if you notice anything unusual.

Simple yet significant ways to get rid of tree root drains

You can either use sodium chloride or copper sulphate to eradicate the tree roots in your drainage pipe. You will get Copper sulphate in a home improvement store and use half a cup. Rock salt also assures the same effect, but it’s safer than copper sulphate. Flush as many times as you need, and this is the best way to eradicate the roots.

These are temporary methods for the tree root problems, and you need professional assistance for permanent solutions. Root invasion calls for plumbing experts to get rid of the root cause with their expertise and equipment.